Your ideal partnership, with integrity and shared vision. 

Shiloh Painting is proud of its long history of working with home builders in western North Carolina. We partner with only the area’s most skilled craftsmen who want to mutually grow their businesses and refine their trade. Isaac’s company believes that the main pillars to succeed are respect, awareness, self-reliance and clear communication.

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What to expect:

You will feel secure knowing we carry a reputation for being one of the best painting and drywall service providers in the Asheville area and beyond. When hired for a single or multiple-home project, we always remain aware of budget and schedule, and will proactively coordinate with you to troubleshoot any obstacles such as inclement weather and unforeseen homeowner requests.

Shiloh Painting makes it easy to partner and market new homes of high quality:

  • A Healthy Home Focus – Our key focus is health of the home, and health of the people living in it. We don’t take shortcuts. Environmental options are always available.
  • Consistent Quality – We deliver a consistent quality and product–no surprises here, just dedicated work and attention to detail as well as passion for improving our skills.
  • Unparalleled Efficiency – We can accomplish most paint and drywall jobs in about a quarter of someone else’s projected or quoted time frame. Contact us for details.
  • Oil-Free and Clean – We avoid all oil-based products 95% of the time, unless specifically requested by you or the homeowner.
  • Informed and Involved – Isaac’s team is comprised of active members of the Asheville Home Builders Association and the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.