About Us

IsaacpaintingShiloh Painting, Inc. is a thriving family-owned business with an Old World heritage going back five generations. In the year 2000, with a dime in his pocket, a prayer, and a great entrepreneurial spirit, Isaac Klepac moved from Kentucky to Western North Carolina and founded the company. He stands on the shoulders of four generations of painters who originated from Eastern Europe.

Isaac’s great-grandfather, Steven Klepacz was a Ruthanean (a distinct Eastern European people group) and trained in Europe as an artist, painter, and woodworker by his father, Ilia Klepacz. Steven later immigrated to the United States where he owned several paint stores and a contracting business in Cleveland, Ohio.

Steven Klepac, Jr. (b. 1920) entered his father’s business upon his return from World War II and specialized in wall covering installation. Upon the retirement of his father, Steven assumed leadership of the business.

Steven’s son, Mark Steven Klepac (b. 1950) entered the painting field after attending college. He also trained at decorating schools and under some of the most talented artisans in Northeastern Ohio. Mark then founded and ran a decorative arts company in the Cleveland area.

Isaac Steven Klepac was born in 1974 and began working with his father Mark at a young age, learning every aspect of the painting and decorative arts craft. During college he met and later married his wife, and upon graduation, returned to his roots…the painting business.

Isaac takes great pride in his rich heritage. In 2006 his father, Mark, moved to North Carolina to reunite with his Isaac and encourage him in the company.

Isaac has three sons and two daughters, the oldest bearing the middle name Shiloh from which the company derives its name.

It is with great pleasure that we serve you, the customer, with care, respect, expertise and excellence that has been faithfully handed down to the fifth generation.

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