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Paint Selection Consult

We will work with you to evaluate your needs and to ensure appropriate products are used for your specific project. There are hundreds of products to choose from based on your needs and we are here to help you navigate the products. There is much to be learned from paint distributors, but your local painter gets the opportunity to apply hundreds of gallons and see how these products work day to day. The most expensive products are not always the best value.

Paint Disposal Service

Want to get ride of some of that old paint? Be sure to let us know when we meet with you to look at your project.
View of the Mountains on The Blue Ridge Parkway near Ashevile, NCOur Values

  1. Health and Safety – Indoor Air Quality, Use as few flammable products as possible. Dust from sanding can be a concern. Off gassing and other indoor air quality issues. We want you home to be a safe and healthy environment for your family.
  2. The Environment- Seek to utilize products that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally responsible manner. From small to large manufacturers their are many issues. Transportation, manufacturing practices, disposal and much more. We can help you work through your best options and make informed decisions Within the green building movement there is plenty of hype we hope to help you make an informed decision about your paint selection.

Featured Product : ProMar® 200 ZERO VOC

promar200zeroThe latest breakthrough from Sherwin Williams is their ProMar® 200 ZERO VOC. We are excited about this new product for many reasons, but the biggest one is that it can be tinted tin their full color line.


Superior durability, easy application, and excellent hide.
Virtually no odor – ideal for applying in occupied areas.
Available in flat, low sheen, eg-shel and semi-gloss.
Outstanding touch-up reduces repaint costs.
Zero VOC’s meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Complies with LEED, MPI, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) and other green guidelines and regulations.
Available in all colors – including deep, vivid accents.