Your home is most likely the largest investment that you will maintain through out your life. Using quality paint and professional painters can save you in the long run. Here are some reasons to use the best even if you pay a little more.
  1. Don’t cut corners! It’s the corner that get cut that hurt the most. This past year we repainted a project that had only been painted two years earlier by another company. Some one thought they were saving money by cutting corners. The principle is that is costs you now and latter to cut corners.
  2. Quality paint is reasonably priced for professional painter. Professional paint companies are able to negotiate good prices for quality paints. Most paint companies make money from their labor not paint. I pass along my prices to the customer. Usually the difference between the price of the good paint and the best paint is only about one hundred or two hundred dollar more to the total price of the job.
  3. Frustration! I have several customers who have said, “you are my painter from now on because you give me so much more for the money”. They were tired of the frustrations and not getting what they paid for. How much would you pay extra to be able to trust the person who is in your home maintaining your largest investment? I may be ten present more, but I give twenty percent more in customer service and making sure everything we agree to gets accomplished.