This is the time of year that many of us are itching for. The winter thaw. As a painter and home owner looking at spring is a bit like looking up at a nice big wave getting ready to crash in on me. At Shiloh Painting we are gearing up for another busy year. Because of the slow down in the housing market we are gearing up for repaints and new custom homes. That spring/summer to do list keeps getting longer.

How do you know when your exterior is ready for some fresh paint?

  1. Check your window sills, overhangs, door casings that contact the groud, for pealing chiping or rot. (these are usually the first areas to have problems)
  2. Does your exterior paint look faded of chaulky? Somtimes if you aren’t looking close your paint or stain looks like it is in tact but the boards are dry and begin to cup and loose there original shape
  3. Gaps – Do you have large gaps in your siding? Culking and then fresh paint will help seal out the elements as well as bugs and pests.
  4. If you have a clear toner or sealer on your deck you need to reseal it every couple years depending on the exposure to the sun. (most solid color stain is recomended every six years and semi-transparent every three)