Your beautiful Exterior Natural wood doors are deteriorating due to sun damage. Bleaching the wood and destroying your clear protective finish within months. Varnishes can have an extremely short life in direct sunlight. Worst case, your doors begin to show warping and rot. What can be done when you get tired of the maintenance of this centerpiece to your exterior?

Garage Doors Before (rotten and bleached wood with varnish failure)


Wood-Grainging-2-resizedYou can paint, which will mean less maintenance and more protection. BUT, what if you loved that natural wood look? With Shiloh Painting you have the ability to both keep that natural look AND minimize your maintenance. This works really well for garage doos. We will prime, paint, apply glaze with a technique called graining. In this way we are able to KEEP your natural look and PROTECT your expensive doors.

Garage Doors After Wood Graining and Glaze

Other applications for Wood Graining:

  1. Doors: Fiberglass or other composite doors
  2. Beams: Composite, Wood. We had a project recently where the customer had a large OSB (composite) beam which was visible from the front of the home. We applied texture and color to give the flat beams a wood look.
  3. Decorative Moldings, Mantels, Coffered wood ceilings: In certain cases woods dont match exsisting stained wood. We can match existing wood.