So what’s the big deal!

Every one who has had to select a paint color knows the pressure of selecting a color you will be happy with when the painter is done. It costs to much to do it twice so it has to be right. You stress and strain to get just the right color. I have some tips from ten years of helping people decide on their color.

  1. Start with a color visualizer on your computer and play around. (keep in mind the furniture and pictures you will have in the area). This is nice because most people aren’t really clear on which colors work as an accent and the Sherwin William’s color visualizer will automatically give you accents to the color you select.
  2. Know yourself and what you like. Everyone has certain colors that appeal to them more than others. Sometimes we want to branch out a pick something new, but it is best if you keep that awareness of what you like. I remember my wife telling me that she wanted to do a rose color in our bed room five pink samples latter we decided on a green.
  3. Be very careful when selecting colors from small chips. I use the small sample to get colors narrowed down to one color. Even though I’m almost positive you need to do a larger painted sample to make sure that the color is what you pictured. If I sense a real hesitancy from the customer I will tell them we can do the whole wall.
  4. If you are using a professional painter don’t forget to get everything in writing. I had one customer who said that her previous painter had talked to her about doing a satin finish on the walls and then she ended up with flat. Take your time and get all the details in writing.
  5. Important Items needed are: Color with color brand and Sheen (reflective quality e.g. flat satin, semi-gloss or gloss)
  6. There are some projects that I would never want to do with out a professional designer.

Take some risks and have fun!