When you begin a painting project there are always a thousand details. Which painter to use? What colors? What is the best paint? It is important to find a professional painter who will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

There is no one best paint to use. It is important to match the right paints for the job. Sometimes you may just want to let the painter make those decisions. Other times it does not hurt to dialogue with your painter to be clear about your specific priorities. Each job is unique and has different needs. It is important to trust and respect the painter, but he/she should be willing to explain and teach you about the process.

The right kind of interaction can save you from costly mistakes.

Some of those common questions are:

  1. What Products?
  2. What Sheen (reflective quality)?
  3. Which products has less smell?
  4. Which products are better for the environment and indoor air quality?
  5. If you have pets or children, which paint will be durable and washable?